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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

As developments continue to unfold with the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is clear that the metro Atlanta area is facing a few tough weeks ahead. From the onset of this dire situation, Document Strategies, Inc. (DSI) has been actively monitoring details and assessing all risks, and will continue to do so. For our customer, employees and our communities, DSI feels a need to share the efforts we are making to minimize the impact of this virus on the people we serve.

DSI Welcomes Lesley Lenna

Industry veteran Lesley Lenna joins the team at Document Strategies.

The demand for customer privacy has never been higher than it is today. It’s not hard to understand why.


For businesses that process a significant amount of mail, there’s a solution to make your life a whole lot easier. This is where Pitney Bowes postage meters come into play.


Our Atlanta-based headquarters prides itself on providing our clients with the best scanning solutions available, and we are excited to share these solutions with you!

Scanning has become a regular daily task for most of us. We like to scan everything that comes across our desks, making electronic documents out of their hardcopy counterparts.


Implementing a plan to recover your files and applications after a disaster will reduce data loss and business downtime.

When a business suffers an extensive period of downtime, that business also will take a financial hit. In fact, there's a chance that the business will never actually recover.


MFPs can help you reduce printing costs, consolidate assets, and boost workplace productivity.

A multifunction printer (MFP) refers to a device that is able to consolidate the functions of scanners, printers, fax machines, a

scanning -solutions-for-businesses

Scanning solutions can save time, save money, and streamline operations for businesses large and small.

Despite the shift toward digital, paper is still a critical component of many business processes. Fortunately, paper doesn’t have to remain paper.


When the time comes to purchase an office printer you can make feel overwhelmed. Not only is technology ever changing, but it can be quite a substantial investment. Be sure you are equipped with the right information when the time comes to buy a printer.


If you’re ready to get things in order, consider a few of the positive effects of electronic document management for your business.

Keeping paper documents can be a mess. Literally! The tangible nature of paper documents creates physical clutters, makes file retrieval burdensome, and poses a security risk.

How You Benefit

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Inefficient business processes drain productivity. DSI helps you automate your workflows, removing the roadblocks to productivity.
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Reduce Operating Expense

Reduce Operating Expense

Document production and management consumes one to three percent of an organization’s annual revenue. DSI helps you manage and reduce these expenses.
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Increase Bottom Lines

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Between paper and power usage, document production is one of the largest areas of environmental impact in your business. DSI helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
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