Optimizing Postage Spend for Six Figure Savings

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Background: The client, a consumer finance company based in Atlanta, with over 600 locations nationwide faced a significant challenge with its postage and parcel expenditures. With a sprawling network of branches across multiple states, the company’s postage costs were spiraling out of control. Additionally, the manual processes involved in parcel shipping led to inefficiencies and lack of visibility into postage spend.



  1. High Postage Spend: The client was spending over $500K annually on

postage across its branches, leading to increased operational costs.

  1. Manual Parcel Shipping Processes: The existing parcel shipping

processes were predominantly manual, leading to delays, errors, and

lack of centralized control.

  1. Lack of Control and Visibility: The company lacked visibility into

postage spend across its branches, making it challenging to track

expenses and optimize costs effectively.


Solution: DSI worked with the client to implement PitneyShip® Pro from Pitney Bowes to address its postage and parcel shipping challenges. PitneyShip® Pro offered a comprehensive, web-based solution that automated parcel shipping, reduced postage spend, and provided centralized visibility and control to headquarters.



  1. Automation of Parcel Shipping: PitneyShip® Pro automated the parcel shipping process, streamlining operations, and reducing the scope for errors and delays in addition to reducing postage spend via a variety of postal discounts.
  2. Cost Optimization: The application leveraged DSI’s expertise in

postage optimization to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize

postage spend across the company’s 600+ branches.

  1. Visibility and Control: HQ was provided with real-time visibility into

postage spend and shipping activities across all branches, enabling

better control and decision-making.



  1. Cost Savings: The company was able to achieve significant cost

savings, reducing its annual postage expenditure by over $250,000.

  1. Efficiency Gains: The automation of parcel shipping processes led to

increased efficiency and reduced operational overheads.

  1. Improved Visibility: PitneyShip® Pro provided headquarters with

comprehensive visibility into postage spend and shipping activities,

enabling better cost control and decision-making.


Conclusion: Through its partnership with DSI and the implementation of the PitneyShip® Pro application, the customer successfully addressed its postage and parcel shipping challenges. The company not only achieved substantial cost savings but also improved operational efficiency and gained better visibility and control over its postage spend. This case study highlights the importance of leveraging technology and sending solutions to optimize costs and streamline operations in the consumer finance industry.

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