Looking at a Used Copier in Atlanta

Looking at a Used Copier in Atlanta?

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How to Tell if Your Refurbished Copier Will Be Worth the Price

Before you buy refurbished copiers, you should be aware that some of them are simply wiped clean and put back on the market. While they claim to be certified and rebuilt, you want to make sure that that is what you are actually receiving. Purchasing from a reputable dealer such as DSI of Atlanta can help to mitigate this problem because a good dealership will never tarnish their reputation with underhanded sales tactics.  We take the time to ensure every copier we sell will help our reputation and ensure your business is running at peak efficiency. 

You can also check the meter readings. Some sellers will tell you that a copier will only have one millions copies made on it. A million copiers is a lot of copies, and normally, that equates to about 10 months left on the copier… if that. Don’t walk, run the other direction.  Especially if it is a common office copier.  On a production copier, the number would be higher.  Does the company offer a service contract? With a refurbished or used copier, you always want to buy with a service contract because this protects your investment. Beware that some companies will not offer service contracts on refurbished equipment because they just want to get rid of lease-returned equipment, and they just want to make a fast dollar. This is almost a sure sign that you are on thin ice. Finally, ask about the company’s policy on failed equipment. In addition, get it in writing if they do not say that all sales are final.

Call DSI to get a quote on a used copier in Atlanta!  We will treat you right and look forward to having you in the DSI family.

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