FAQs & Rules Regarding Postage Meter Dates

FAQs & Rules Regarding Postage Meter Dates

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Investing in a postage meter for your company is an easy contribution to a more efficient company. While a postage meter can save a business time and money, there are very strict rules and regulations with regard to its usage. These rules and regulations regarding postage meters, explained by Document Strategies, is a valuable go-to resource for any company to ensure you are following the correct guidelines.


Postage meters are machines that businesses use to prove that the postage required for mailing has been paid for.

Terms of Use:

Postage meters can only be rented or leased to businesses and cannot be sold, resold, or purchased.


When you print a postage stamp, called an indicium, you are required to print the exact amount on the parcel signaling the weight, class, shape, and other necessary requirements of the mail piece.

Types of Post Permitted for Use:

Businesses may use postage meters to send:

  • First class
  • Priority
  • Pre-sorted, first-class mail
  • Express mail
  • International mail
  • Any packages with the adhesion of tape

Periodical mail, such as magazines, may not be stamped using a postage meter.

Drop-off Rules:

Most mail stamped by a postage meter can be dropped off at a collection boxes designated by the postmaster of the licensing Post Office shown on the machine stamp. Mail can also be given to mail carriers.

Bulk Regulations:

Different rules apply when using a postage meter for bulk mail. The operator must possess a permit using form 361: Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile. The meter can then only be used to add an estimated cost of postage to each bulk item. Any difference in pricing must be paid at the Post Office. Bulk mail cannot be dropped into a mailbox.

Corrections to Postage:

Mail must be deposited into the mail collection box on the day of which it was stamped. If not, you must correct the date on the mail if you fail to send the parcel by the date indicated on the postage label. This change is only permitted one time per piece of mail.

To correct the date, you must print a new label with the correct date and the label must show a postage value of zero. Placement of the updated postage label depends on the size of the letter:

  • Letter-size — Place the corrected label on the address side of the envelope on the lower left corner or on the non-address side in the upper right corner.
  • Parcel or Flat-sized Piece — Place the corrected label next to the original postage stamp, except when applied by an ink jet printer.

If you have printed a postage stamp for the incorrect amount, simply print another label with the remaining balance.


As a digital postage meters provider, Document Strategies eliminates the time consuming and tedious mailing process that plagues many corporations by offering a variety of mailing solutions. Learn more about our mailing solutions on our website!

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