Choosing the Right Folder Inserter for Your Application

Choosing the Right Folder Inserter for Your Application

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The demand for customer privacy has never been higher than it is today. It’s not hard to understand why. Every year, countless headlines remind the public about the threat of having their personal information compromised. Understandably, the government has put regulations in place that severely punish any company found guilty of putting their customers’ private information in the wrong hands.

Many companies limit their efficiency in an effort to ensure they don’t fall out of compliance and incur these consequences. It means taking on unnecessary overhead and even extending timelines. Of course, customer privacy is only one reason.

Most organizations have so many types of mail they need to send to so many types of recipients that it would be easy to suffer a major loss just by sending the wrong promotion to the wrong group of customers. Fortunately, there’s now a better way.

A Better Form of Inserting Mail

Cutting-edge technology now makes it easy to ensure that mail is properly inserted in the right envelopes with the correct addresses every single time. Your company doesn’t need to worry about missed opportunities with customers or running afoul of the government for breaking regulations.

Here are the three major benefits you’ll enjoy when you begin using this technology for your company’s mail-inserting needs.

1. Smarter Processing of Complex Mail

Think about all the different types of mail your business needs to send to customers and other organizations on a regular basis. For most companies, it involves some combination of the following:

  • Sales Letters
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing
  • Promotional
  • Legal
  • Invoices
  • Bills

In short, it’s a lot. Each category probably represents a number of different types of mail, too.

For example, your sales letters probably consist of initial offers and upsells and all kinds of messages that make up an entire direct-mail campaign. Many of those messages may be on the same topic but still differ in terms of the terms being offered and other factors.

Aside from compliance issues, properly inserting these messages into the right envelopes is also paramount for the future of your business. Send upsell offers to customers who haven’t even seen your initial sales letter and you’ve made a very costly mistake. You also need to reprint and resend those upsell offers to the right customers, assuming it’s not too late.

It can be easy to make these mistakes, though, considering how many pages each of these types of mailers often represents. These pages may not all be the same size, either. The only way to ensure that your mail is processed accurately without hurting efficiency or profitability is with an advanced inserting solution.

This system can process your mail at variable rates of speed – from 10,000 all the way up to 26,000 cycles per hour – ensuring the highest degree of productivity for every job. You can even do this with jobs that involve variable page counts. Between advanced material handling and precision tracking capabilities, this solution will also free you of any concern about the accuracy of even your most complex jobs.

2. Improved Mail Processing Efficiency

An automated configuration will give you consistent results, time and time again.  Your mailing operation will be free of the risk of human error. Even the changeover process is simplified, reducing downtime and giving you even greater operational efficiency.

At the same time, you’ll enjoy better system uptime as these advanced solutions integrate precision material handling capable of dynamic skew detection. You’ll never need to stop your entire process because of an outsort, paper jam, or any of the other common problems most mailrooms have to deal with.

By monitoring yield-per-labor hour, these inserting systems also make it easy to track accuracy against product cost per mail piece.

3. Improved Customer Communications

One of the most underrated benefits of an advanced inserting system is how it can enhance the quality, appeal, and attractiveness of the materials you send your customers. For example, you could create a compelling direct-mail campaign that incorporates a full-color message on the outside of every envelope and a personalized message inside.

That’s an easy but effective way to increase customer engagement and you won’t have to sacrifice operational efficiency or accuracy to realize it. There are countless other ways you could decide to customize the look of your mailers, too, depending on your market.

Start Leveraging Cutting-Edge Inserting Technology

Quit wasting time and money. Quit worrying about falling out of compliance with government regulations. Instead, use a high-tech inserting solution that will give your company more freedom with its mailers while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead.

If you’d like help considering your options or simply have questions specific to your current mailing strategy, contact DSI today. We’ve spent decades helping businesses just like you cut costs, improve production, and enjoy greater overall efficiency.

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