Atlanta Print Solutions Provider Becoming Leader in Temperature Scanning Solutions

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Like many businesses, the COVID-19 crisis has forced DSI to either sink or swim. The Atlanta-based, veteran owned print and mail solutions provider, which usually sells copiers and mailing solutions, recently pivoted to a new HP product. The Meridian Temperature Verification Kiosk can help companies address one of the new requirements under Gov. Kemp’s executive order.


“The temperature scanning devices not only help prevent the spread of the COVID virus but also the risk of a second wave.”


As companies in Georgia begin their reopening phase, conducting temperature checks has become a vital part of keeping employees and visitors safe. The most common strategy to date has been to scan for temperatures at the initial point of entry into company facilities. However, commonly used hand held thermometers are not only highly inaccurate, but put individuals in jeopardy that are taking those temperatures.

DSI provides Temperature Scanning Kiosks that allow for contactless, accurate temperature readings within seconds, while maintaining social distancing and eliminating the need for employee interaction. In addition, the units offer facial recognition and can even prevent or grant secure access into secure areas.

HP subcontracted with Meridian Company to produce the temperature verification kiosk, and DSI is a certified vendor of the product.

Other features include stands with antimicrobial powder coat finish, a 2-million-pixel camera, 8-inch IPS LCD screen, a facial recognition library of up to 30,000 people, temperature accuracy within 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit and an operating temperature of 32 F to 140 F.

DSI has been placing units throughout the southeast over the last few months and is seeing demand skyrocket.

Lead times for the devices have been pushing 5-6 weeks.

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