Advantages of In-house Folding-inserting Equipment

Advantages of In-house Folding-inserting Equipment

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Many of Atlanta’s small and medium businesses feel limited to typical print-only devices, but today’s business technology can do so much more. When a company brings folding and inserting solutions in-house, they transform how they mail invoices, checks, letters, marketing material, and more. Read on for a few advantages of bringing folding-inserting machines in-house.

Speed and flexibility – If you outsource folding and inserting of mail, how many days of lead time does your print shop need? On the other hand, if you process your business mail by hand, how much time does it take to fold hundreds of papers? Even the fastest employees can only handle a limited number of documents an hour. Entry-level folder-inserters can process 1350 per hour and only take up the corner of a table or desk. Better still, you set the timeline with in-house equipment, instead of relying on a vendor’s schedule.

Keep staff on task – As social as office folding parties can be, your employees have better things to do than making creases and getting paper cuts. It’s important to consider the huge opportunity cost when you divert skilled staff to mundane paper handling. Your talent is better spent on strategic initiatives, sales, customer service, and social media—so many elements of today’s business require the human touch. Instead, favor automation where applicable.

Quality and consistency – You want to convey a message of professionalism and success in every aspect of your business communication. It isn’t easy to present a competent, consistent brand when you’re working with crooked folds, squished corners, or unaligned papers. Again, remove the human element and let machine precision put your best face forward.

Accuracy – Didn’t you already see this name? Why do you have a leftover letter? Most businesses have been there—piles of envelopes, scattered letters, and mistakes waiting to happen. A machine is programmed to make sure that simple slip-ups don’t occur and every piece delivered is perfect.

Whether you handle a few envelopes or a day or a hundred thousand a month, there’s a folding-inserting machine that will work for you. Contact Document Strategies today and let us help you reclaim your people and your time while presenting the image you want.


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Improve Productivity

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