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Businesses are rapidly adopting a wide variety of cloud services from file sharing to email hosting. The challenge is that many of these services may not include the level of security your business needs. Plus, when you add up all of the monthly expenses related to these services, you may realize that it would be smarter to have a business strategy for your cloud deployments.

Document Strategies helps you develop and deploy an effective cloud strategy. We’ll analyze your business needs and current cloud services to look for ways to save money and improve security.

Exchange Hosting

Need business-class email and calendars? Our Exchange Hosting services bring you the benefits and security of world-class email without having to manage a server in your location.

File Sharing

File sharing applications like Dropbox make it easy for employees to share information. However, what happens when an employee leaves your company? If you don’t have a solid file sharing strategy your employees may be able to take confidential information from your company with no record. We can help you develop a secure file-sharing strategy that also includes scanned paper documents.

Application Hosting

Instead of the expense and hassle of managing servers on-site you may find it beneficial to move some or all of your core applications to virtual servers in the cloud. You’ll get the security and expertise of a world-class hosting partner without having to manage servers at your office. We can help you configure and deploy cloud servers to host your applications.

To learn more about our cloud services and IT services in Atlanta, contact us today.  

How You Benefit

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Inefficient business processes drain productivity. DSI helps you automate your workflows, removing the roadblocks to productivity.
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Reduce Operating Expense

Reduce Operating Expense

Document production and management consumes one to three percent of an organization’s annual revenue. DSI helps you manage and reduce these expenses.
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Increase Bottom Lines

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Between paper and power usage, document production is one of the largest areas of environmental impact in your business. DSI helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
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