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Multifunction Systems are the Swiss Army Knife of the modern office, providing everything you need to print, copy, scan and fax documents. When it comes to working on the information super-highway, these devices provide simple on-ramps and off-ramps to move documents through your business process.

Color Output

Our online world expects color. Fortunately it has never been more affordable or simple to add color to your office. Our color-enabled Multifunction Systems allow you to choose between black & white or full color. This lets you produce professional proposals, effective training and powerful marketing right in your office.

Finishing Options

Forget the time-consuming frustration of sorting and stapling documents. Simply click "Print" or "Copy" and your documents are fully collated, stapled, hole punched and even folded into booklets. You can add the finishing options you need to most of our systems.

Flexible Paper Supplies

Large paper drawers ensure that you don't run out of paper. Flexible sizes all the way up to 11X17 let you produce all kinds of documents. Thick paper stocks enable many of our devices to print on cardstock.


Make scanning solutions simple with our customizable control panels. One push of a button allows you to scan documents to emails as PDF attachments. You can also scan files to network folders or use your Document Management solutions.

Browse Our Catalog

Document Strategies offers a full portfolio of color and monochrome Multifunction Systems from desktop devices to large workgroup systems. Click on the links below to see our suite of Multifunction Systems.

How You Benefit

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Inefficient business processes drain productivity. DSI helps you automate your workflows, removing the roadblocks to productivity.
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Reduce Operating Expense

Reduce Operating Expense

Document production and management consumes one to three percent of an organization’s annual revenue. DSI helps you manage and reduce these expenses.
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Increase Bottom Lines

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Between paper and power usage, document production is one of the largest areas of environmental impact in your business. DSI helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
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