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Key Features

PostBase 45 is part of the FP’s PostBase line of postage meters. The PostBase 45 is 50% faster than the PostBase 30 and comes standard with more capacity in several important aspects, including the 10lb scale weight and 20 cost accounts.

In semi-automatic mode it’s fast enough to support a busy small business. With the fully automatic feeder/sealer, the PostBase 45 turns into a true workhorse for larger mail volumes. You’ll especially appreciate the auto-feeder when faced with large piles of mail to process in a single session. Simply stack the envelopes and let the machine do the rest.

Typical Usage

  1. Low-Mid Volume: Small businesses process a steady mix of mail with occasional higher volume projects.
  2. New or Growing: Businesses that anticipate growth where the available auto-feeder/sealer can accommodate future needs.
  3. Shipping: Used as a shipping system with MailOne 2.0, such as a maturing ecommerce business.



  • Available automatic feeder/sealer
  • 45 letters per minute
  • 10lb integrated scale
  • 20 standard accounts
  • RemoteOne (PC control software)
  • 20 custom indicia advertisements
  • 10 custom text messages
  • 10 presets (shortcuts)


Color touch screen Yes
Letter thickness 10mm
Label dispenser Yes
Letter tray Yes
Moistener Yes
Automatic feeder/sealer Optional
Processing speed (letters per minute) 45
Integrated scale, capacity in lbs 10lb (optional 15lb)
Differential weighing Optional
External scale (NTEP) Optional 30lb/70lb
High speed postage download (LAN) Yes
Analog modem postage download Optional
Departmental security Yes
Portal access Yes
RemoteOne (PC control software) Yes
ReportOne (account management) Optional
MailOne (mail management & shipping) Optional
Accounts – Standard 20
Accounts – Optional 50/100/200
Customizable meter advertisements 20
Presets (Shortcuts) 10
Free sample meter advertisements Yes
Customizable SMS text messages 10

How You Benefit

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

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Reduce Operating Expense

Reduce Operating Expense

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Increase Bottom Lines

Decrease Carbon Footprint

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