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Key Features

FP Mailing’s top-of-the-line folder-inserter, the FPi 6600-2 can assemble and finish mailings at a stunning 4,300 letters per hour. It ensures that businesses with high volume mailing requirements can process even complex mail pieces efficiently and reliably. The 6600-2 makes configuration and operation easy with a generous 10.4” color touch screen and automatic job setup.



  • Automatically feeds, folds, inserts, seals, and stacks.
  • Processes up to 4,300 letters per hour.
  • Up to 7 feeder stations.
  • Holds 325-1,200 sheets per feeder.
  • 10.4” color touch screen for simple, intuitive programming and control.
  • Handles up to 3,125 sheets and 1,000 envelopes in a single feed load.
  • Automatic Job Setup creates job settings automatically.
  • Program 50 jobs for recurring tasks with the touch of a button.
  • Reads coded marks on documents to automatically collate and insert pages with Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Bar Code Reader (BCR), 2-Dimensional Data Matrix (2D BCR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Patented Document Detection uses sensitive electro-mechanical monitoring to automatically and accurately detect double feeds and detect sets that are too thin or thick at the insertion point.


Feeder stations Up to 7
Maximum cycles per hour 4,300
Folding capacity with sheets of 20lb. paper up to 10
Job memory capacity 50
Dimensions (approx.) (W x L x H) 18.1″ x 59.1″ x 32.3″
Weight (3-4 stations) 274 lbs.
Noise emission in dB (A) according to ISO 11202 < 70
Standard feeder capacity (up to 6) 325
High capacity feeder 725
Document height & width 3.5″-14″ x 5.1′-9.5″
Max thickness 2 mm
Capacity 500-1,000
Envelope height & width 3.5“-6.38“ x 6.3“-9.7“
Automatic Job Setup yes
Feeder Swap Linking yes
Process stapled sets yes
Collate sheets before folding yes
Bottom & middle addresses optional
PowerFold™ 10 technology yes
Folds: C, V, Z, Double-V, No-Fold yes
Short-fold optional
Piece counter yes
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) optional
Bar Code Reader (BCR) optional
2-Dimensional Data Matrix (2DBCR) optional
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) optional
Divert before folding yes
Divert after inserting yes
Electro-mechanical double document detection yes
Secure ‘n Sert™ document thickness detector yes
Operator-adjustable insert fingers yes
Envelope Exit
High capacity #10, 6×9 500
High capacity exit conveyer (optional) 1,000

How You Benefit

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Inefficient business processes drain productivity. DSI helps you automate your workflows, removing the roadblocks to productivity.
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Reduce Operating Expense

Reduce Operating Expense

Document production and management consumes one to three percent of an organization’s annual revenue. DSI helps you manage and reduce these expenses.
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Increase Bottom Lines

Decrease Carbon Footprint

Between paper and power usage, document production is one of the largest areas of environmental impact in your business. DSI helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
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