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Millennials Love Direct Mail| Document Strategies | Atlanta, GA

Society stereotypes millennials as digital natives who do not value printed materials. The perspective of people towards millennials is that they are always connected to the Internet and believe in digitalization, which is not entirely true. It is merely a myth that millennials are addicted to the Internet and want to remain “connected” around the clock. As millennials are the generation of the future, there are many such myths about them. In reality, millennials prefer printed or physical mail over electronic mail.


Is Direct Mail Irrelevant for Millennials?

Many marketers feel that their print marketing strategies are ineffective against millennials. People think that millennials only engage online and do not value printed materials. Contrary to popular belief, millennials take great interest in direct mail despite being born in a digital era. There are masses out there who are ‘digitally fatigued’ and prefer print media to digital media. Most millennials do not check their emails regularly, but will take the time to read a printed newsletter.

Even though most millennials are connected to the Internet on a daily basis, they find direct mail valuable and interesting, according to various studies. Various theories and perceptions suggest that millennials are addicted to the digital world. Nevertheless, millennials between the ages 25 to 34 prefer direct mail and find it more convenient. This gives marketers the opportunity to target millennials in a unique way and bridge the gap between digital marketing by mentioning their social media accounts in direct mail. There are fewer direct emails than electronic emails, which makes them unique.


Document Strategies’ Solutions

A business can target masses using direct mail marketing, as it can attract their interest. Since millennials find print media more convenient and reliable, modern marketing strategies need to include direct mailing techniques as well. Businesses that target millennials through direct mail require postage machines to speed up the mailing process. Document Strategies provides reliable postage machines and folder inserts that speed up the mailing process while keeping operating costs low. The benefit of using business-grade postage meters and folding inserts is that they can carry out multiple functions such as sorting and sealing, stapling, and labeling the envelopes. The entire process is automated, which makes direct mailing easy and convenient.


Contact Document Strategies today, and one of our professionals will help you find the right postage meter or mailing system for your Atlanta-area business.

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Improve Productivity

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Reduce Operating Expense

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